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iSmarts will shortly perform a site audit on specific, actionable items that define exactly what we’re looking for. This process includes getting initial competitor data into our SEO tools, reviewing the competitive landscape for the chosen niche or target market and finding out what the current state of the website is.

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SEO Onboarding

Required upload size: 134.22MB


What we do after onboarding?

Tools Setup

Index & Crawl Audit

  • Check number of indexed pages “site:domain.com”
  • Full Website Crawl
  • Review missing page elements (<titles>, metas, ext)
  • Review duplicated page elements (<titles>, metas, ext)
  • Review query strings (double check GWT as well)
  • Review quantity of pages getting organic traffic versus indexed pages
  • Search for brand searches, branded search volume
  • Review Google Cache & text only version of the pages for rendering issues
  • Crawl website with Screaming Frog on “googlebot” user-agent to find any issues
  • Check for duplicate content in index on other sites with Copyscape.com
  • Check for http:// & https:// versions. Add canonical tags & redirect if needed.
  • Check for www. & non-www. versions. Add canonical tags & redirect if needed.
  • Setup all versions (https, http, www, ect) in GWT
  • Review blocked areas in robots.txt (login, checkout, cart, includes, “thank you” pages)
  • Pull any GWT errors

Current Content Audit

  • Review content headlines on blog posts: are they engaging with real value?
  • Review category, tags, archives pages for quality, in-depth content
  • Review pages with high bounce rates, no conversions and poor organic traffic
  • Review index status on tag, archives and category pages
  • Review paginated pages in Google index
  • Review current blog for best pages
  • Review top linking pages/blogs in Ahrefs
  • Review top shared content in BuzzSumo & Social Crawlytics
  • Review best quality links in Ahrefs

On page & Website Structure Audit

  • Start with a full Screaming Frog crawl
  • Audit Google Analytics install – confirm on every page
  • Confirm all pages running same type (analytics.js is default now)
  • Homepage audit – target keyword in title, H1 tag?
  • Identify current key SEO landing pages
  • Target keyword in title, H1 tag?
  • Are we trying to rank for realistic keywords?
  • Check for quality, in-depth content on each page.
  • Audit each top-level page with this intent
  • Review page titles uniqueness
  • Review meta descriptions uniqueness and hand-write for key pages
  • Review page titles length
  • Review meta descriptions length
  • Review 301’s in Screaming Frog crawl
  • Review any iframed content in Screaming Frog Crawl
  • Test site speed http://tools.pingdom.com/
  • Review current XML sitemaps for proper structure, 404 pages in them, missing pages
  • Submit flawless sitemap to GWT
  • Submit flawless sitemap to BWT
  • Review link to sitemap.xml in robots.txt
  • Check for descriptive URLs
  • Review internal linking structure for quality, anchor text, quantity
  • Review broken internal links in Screaming Frog crawl

Current Ranking & Position Review

  • Add to SEMRush and review top keyword ranking data
  • Review any dips in organic traffic and match up to algorithm changes
  • Review branded search over time with Google Trends
  • Export full keyword ranking spreadsheet from SEMRush

Keyword Research, Portfolio & Analysis

  • Review SEMRush keyword ranking report
  • Email client, asking for top, mid a high-level focus on profitable services.
  • Google Keyword planner – add in competitors landing pages for extra insight
  • Create keyword map for blog posts
  • Create keyword map for informational/content pages
  • Create keyword map for targeted converting traffic

Inbound Link Profile Audit

  • Pull up full Ahrefs link profile
  • Review quantity of links compared to closest three competitors in organic search
  • Review quality of links & website sources
  • Check for major local directory links
  • Review anchor text – branded should be number one
  • Percentage of links to homepage
  • Percentage of links to interior pages

Competitor Audit

  • Find top 3-5 competitors in organic SERPs
  • Client gives top 3-5 competitors
  • Add all websites to Raven Tools
  • Review top linking pages in Ahrefs
  • Review top shared content in BuzzSumo & Social Crawlytics
  • Review best quality links in Ahrefs
  • Create list of top-quality links for duplication
  • Review top competitor on-page content for meta keywords & keyword targeting
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