We create custom SEO strategies based around your specific needs to help you realise your traffic & revenue goals safely

Our fully managed SEO service covers everything including keyword analysis, link building, live reporting, strategy calls & direct access to answer your questions.

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website so it can be found easily when people use a search engine – Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Done correctly, this translates to more visits and therefore, potentially more sales as your site is exposed to a bigger audience. This is why having your site professionally optimised can quickly produce a tangible ROI.

SEO isn’t a single action. It’s a combination of processes that lead your website to be ranked more highly than your competitors for the same search query. Being on the first page of results is a huge advantage over your competition.

Working with you to understand your desired market goals, we will develop a number of key indicators to help promote your website in the most relevant and opportune areas online to increase your website ranking. We currently offer various SEO packages to get your business the exposure it needs in the market you want to attract.

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  • Site Structure
  • Site Content Development
  • Link-building Strategies
  • Advice on Hosting & Development Issues
  • Advanced Client SEO reporting

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Our SEO campaign outline

Audit & research

An initial analysis of your current web site is a critical first step toward an effective and lasting search engine strategy. This allows us to objectively assess your site’s search engine-friendliness and tells us exactly how your site is currently performing with the major search engines.

Before starting your SEO campaign it is critical to understand your business model and core demographics in order to formulate strategies for reaching your target audiences and defining goals for your web site.

Search Terms
Electing the correct search terms to attract your target visitors to your website is key in establishing a relevant search engine presence.
Researching the terms relevant to your online marketing goals will help determine which key phrases hold the greatest strategic advantage. This research provides you with the popularity/search rates of each term under consideration, and also helps you identify term variations you may not have even considered.
The terms you select as a result of this research should serve as the foundation of your SEO campaign, and you need to carefully consider that they are suitable for your online goals – no-one knows your business better than you!

This report will give show precisely where your web site currently ranks with the major search engines for each of your targeted search terms, and there are no penalised pages or warnings.
This report will serve as a baseline for future progress.

Popularity and saturation assessment
How many of your site pages are currently indexed: saturation, and how many other sites link to your site: link popularity are key factors and affect how search engines rank your pages. Assessing these provides helpful insights into areas where your site may have an advantage or disadvantage toward obtaining prominent search engine positioning.

Competitor Analysis
Evaluate where you are in the search landscape relative your primary competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses to see if we can exploit them to gain search position.

On-Page analysis
It is important to evaluate your web site structure to ensure that it is search engine-friendly and does not contain any potential SEO barriers.
This ensures your web site pages can be indexed by web crawler search engines such as Google and Bing Search, and includes the following core components:

– Search engine spider simulator test

– Review of internal linking structure

– Review code and table/page layout

– Identification of other potential SEO barriers

If it is determined that your site does contain structural SEO barriers, these issues need to be resolved before implementing your campaign.

A review of your site logs will help show how current visitors access and use your and can be used as a comparison for post-SEO visitor trends.


Now we have a comprehensive understanding of your business, your website, the current health of your site and your desired market reach we can start optimising your site pages for your target terms and improved search engine performance.

Identification of target pages
Initially we need to determine which of your pages are suitable to integrate your target search terms. These pages may already exist or need creating, so that there are web pages available to dedicate to each of the target terms and these pages logically fit within your site structure.

Page copy
Search engines love fresh, relevant and meaningful content. Your page copy needs to integrate appropriate keyword & key phrases whilst retaining the page intent, so that it engages human readers but also appeals to the search engines.

Linking Strategy
The overall internal linking structure is reviewed identify opportunities for inserting key terms into anchor text leading to your optimised pages and to ensure that search engines can effectively spider your site.

Mark-up code
Applying the appropriate mark-up codes such as Header: H1 or H2 etc. helps ensure that your key terms receive the maximum weighting.

Structured data
Correctly mark-up the structured data or search snippets on your optimised web pages. These ‘Rich Snippets’ are a common vocabulary of data terms from schema.org that allows the major search engines to catalogue and verify the structure of data on your web page.

Page Titles
Your page titles are a critical factor affecting both search rankings and human click through rates, so it is important they are strategically worded to integrate key terms appealing to site visitors.

Meta Tags
Although no longer weighted in most search engines, the correct formatting of your meta keyword and description tags ensures that your key terms are appropriately utilised within these often misunderstood tags, and that you do not break any rules in the process.

Manual search submission
In many instances, your site pages may already be indexed in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If they are not, then there are options for submitting your site to these engines directly.

Local directories
Everywhere your Name, Address and  Phone-number is mentioned classes as a citation and helps your overall page authority. We manually submit to targeted local directories and niche search engines to increase your exposure.


Now your website is in the best possible condition for effective indexing by the search engines, we can start the ongoing promotion using SEO optimised digital marketing techniques.

This will mean that your website stays relevant to your target market, becomes more prevalent in search results and experiences an increase in traffic.

Our bespoke web marketing packages are pay-as-you-go with no ongoing contract. You can judge the results for yourself with your own live SEO reporting facility

To give a realistic chance of good results we recommend a minimum of a six month campaign to allow fluctuations in results to even out, and see a good upward curve in visitor numbers to your site.

If you operate in a competitive market we recommend an ongoing campaign as all your competitors will also have their SEO compiled professionally and will react to any changes in their own site placement.

Ongoing analysis

Once your site starts to rank for the search terms you are targeting, it is important to monitor your results on a regular basis so you can react if there are any sudden dips in performance. We monitor all key indicators and adjust the campaign accordingly. All results are accessible 24/7 from your SEO reporting portal.

Search Engine Monitoring
A close watch is kept on all your indexed pages to be sure none have been penalised or need re-working.

Position Reporting
Customers can login to their SEO customer portal 24/7, where they  are able to view live ranking and analytical data..

Strategic Analysis
Now you are receiving the results you require you should monitor progress to gauge the implications of this work (i.e. Return on Investment) and plan for future growth and maintenance strategies.


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