The Importance of Local SEO

The Importance of Local SEO

Search engine optimisation has existed ever since the start of the internet. Practising the right SEO techniques brings all kinds of advantages to people who run websites for any kind of purpose. It is for this reason that a lot of businesses are willing to spend a lot of time and money to get their SEO strategies right. Nowadays, the biggest trend in the industry is going local. This article will talk about the importance of local SEO, as well as all the things you need to know about it.

So what is local SEO exactly? This is a form of local online marketing that allows businesses to promote their products and services to locals. It utilises the immense power of search engines such as Google and Yahoo for your business to be seen by your target market. It also makes use of alternative sites such as social media networks and online business directories to get more exposure. One great thing about this system is that it allows your business to be seen right when your prospective clients need it the most.

To better understand the importance of local SEO, here are some of the advantages they provide. Also included in this list are the reasons why you should try it right now if you are maintaining a website or running a business.

  1. More people are going to the internet – It is a known fact that many people are relying on the internet for much-needed information. After all, it is readily accessible and highly convenient. Knowing this, shouldn’t you take advantage of this phenomenon? You should try and target those who go to the internet, and using local SEO techniques is one of the best tricks in the book to do that.
  2. Local searches are increasing – Among the latest trends in internet use over the past few years is the increase in local searches. Statistics would show that there’s a 58% increase in local searches between 2008 and 2009, and that figure has been increasing in the succeeding years. In addition to this, people nowadays use the Internet as their go-to source for finding local information.
  3. Local SEO has the highest conversion rate – Conversion rate is defined in marketing as the number of people who see the promotion that get converted into customers. Basically, this rate measures the effectiveness of a marketing technique in acquiring customers. Local marketing is proven to have the highest conversion rate among different advertising options.
  4. Search results are becoming individualised – Google’s search results are constantly evolving. Today, one of the things they are pushing is providing users with a more individualised experience. That means providing results that are customised according to the individual’s needs. Using local SEO takes advantage of this trend, bringing you closer to the target market that matters most.
  5. Local SEO gives timely information – Timing is everything, as experts would say. One thing about local searches is that they are commonly done at the point of need. The implication of this is that people who are looking for local information are more likely than not potential consumers. When you are able to provide them timely info, your chances of converting these visitors into customers increases dramatically.
  6. Mobile internet use is increasing – The emergence of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has made it possible for people to connect to the internet while they are on the go. In fact, statistics show that people are doing more searches using their devices. An additional trend on this would be proximity-based searches, making local searches all the more important.
  7. Local online marketing is still wide open – In spite of its popularity and potential, the field of local online marketing is still very much wide open. Not everyone has taken advantage of local SEO, and not everyone realises its immense potential. That said, while competition is now increasing, you still have a lot of time to take advantage of this window of opportunity, get more sales, and be a trendsetter.
  8. It helps in building rapport with clients – Giving your clients what they need when they need it the most helps in building rapport. They will certainly appreciate it if you can provide them exactly the information they are looking for. Local SEO techniques will help you build rapport with your potential clients, which improves your odds of turning them into long-term customers.
  9. More people are reading about businesses online – More people are relying on online content to get to know more about businesses. Aside from looking for information coming from the business themselves, they also make use of searches to explore supporting information such as reviews. This trend is another reason why you should focus on practising local SEO techniques.
  10. Local SEO provides a massive return of investment – In many ways, local SEO can provide you with a massive return of investment. For instance, implementing SEO techniques will cost you a little money, and even no money if you do your own online promotion campaigns. Add to its large reach targeted content, and high conversion rate and local SEO becomes even more potent and cost-effective.

Given the importance of local SEO for all kinds of businesses, it is imperative that you learn how to use it to your advantage. Here 3 IMPORTANT tips that can help you get it done.

  • Use correct citations – It is important that you keep information about your business both correct and up-to-date. You should make sure to check that all basic information such as addresses, contact numbers, and product/service rates are correct and up-to-date.
  • Provide local content – It is important that you create supportive content that is targeted locally. It would be ideal that you create content that includes local information such as the name of your region, city, and neighbourhood. Also, make sure to create content that’s relevant to your community.
  • Work on building relationships – It is important that you establish a working relationship with your prospective clients. Aside from creating information that is relevant to their needs, it will also be helpful if you will answer their queries, ideally as soon as they ask them.

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