The importance of a quality press release in SEO

The importance of a quality press release in SEO

In the good old days when traditional media dominated access to information, press releases were one of the most important tools of getting the word out about new companies and products. A press release was a very important aspect of marketing a product or a brand, whether for big or small businesses.

However, as the internet developed and became entrenched into every aspect of our lives, more and more businesses have opted to use other means rather than press releases to get the word out about their brands and products. One such means is search engine optimisation, better known as SEO.

What most businesses don’t know is that press releases also play a role in SEO. As such, they are not just a trivial marketing tactic that has no bearing on the performance of the brand. They have real benefits that can provide the impetus for the growth of a business or brand. Herein is a look at why the press release is important for SEO today.

#1. Increases Exposure To Your Customers – As a consequence of conducting an efficient press release, businesses get exposed to their niche customers. This is very crucial in terms of online marketing and SEO as it places the businesses in question in a position of garnering referral traffic, mentions, and citations. The citations and mentions usually lead to attaining high-quality links that are of great value to the businesses’ websites. The referral traffic, on the other hand, helps to generate customers for businesses.

#2. Increase Of Brand Awareness And Value – Launch and product press releases serve to tell the world of your story and presence. For instance, for startup businesses, a launch press release provides invaluable exposure of the brand. The same applies for product launches, as they provide the opportunity for businesses to shade light on their new products or services which increase brand awareness.
On the other new and expert press releases serve to tell your customer and client about the progress of your company as well as when you bring onboard a new expert. This sets you as an expert in your field, which improves the value of your brand.

#3. They Are a relatively inexpensive Offsite SEO Tool – Another important aspect of press releases is that they are an inexpensive SEO tool. Since press releases provide a means to get more traffic to our website, they are considered as an SEO tool. However, unlike other SEO tactics and tools, press releases are more often than inexpensive as the major cost of a press release is its distribution to media house and other online assets. Few SEO tools are as inexpensive as a press release. With this in mind, press releases are important as they provide ample exposure at a lower cost.

#4. Improves On Backlinks Quality And Numbers – Another important aspect of the press release is that they put the website in a position to attract new backlinks. More importantly is that this method of backlink accusation is natural which builds sites authority for the website in question. This bodes well the integrity of the site as well as search engine optimisation efforts.

#5. Increases Your Visibility To Search Engine – Exposure to search engine spider is very important, especially for new businesses running new websites that have not been ranked. The more businesses have their website linked to other websites (such as journals, new sites, and blogs) the faster search engine are able to identify your website and its content. This increased visibility to search engines enables businesses to improve their rank on search engines early as possible.

Small and big businesses can only accrue these benefits if their press release is of high-quality. It doesn’t matter whether the press release is done on a blog, a journal, or a new portal, the press release itself should be attention-grabbing, eloquent, unique, and provide value to your prospective traffic/customer.

In the case a business doesn’t have the capacity or capability to bring out these qualities in their press release, they are better served by hiring professionals to do it for them. It is far better to spend some money on your press release to ensure you gain the full range of benefits as opposed to doing it as a DIY project and getting negligible results.[/vc_column_text]

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